Boise Property Management

  • Henry is absolutely amazing! He’s made it completely stress free for us to move in and if we ever have issues, he deals with them right on the spot unlike some property managements that let it slip under the rug. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better! We appreciate all BRPM does for us!
    Brett R.
  • J'aime and Henry are honest, easy to communicate with, and kind.
    Kirsten M.
  • As soon as I bought my duplex I knew I would need a great property manager to handle the other side for rentals. Henry Groves, has been nothing short of amazing, when I moved out of my side across the country there was no interruption in services. My check to pay the mortgage comes early every time. And when the other side moved out on short notice Henry had a new tenant moving in the day after the previous had left. If I could give more than 5 Stars I would.
    Tyler P.
  • About 6 months ago, Boise River Property Management took over as the property management company for the duplex that I had been renting. In that time, Henry has been a fantastic Landlord; I really didn't know what I had been missing in having a landlord that really cared about taking care of the property and looking out for my safety, unlike the previous company.

    Overall this company is great to work with, and Henry has always been quick to respond. I would recommend working with them, and regret that I don't get to do so any longer.
    Tyler C.
  • Really great people and they'll work with you to the best of their abilities!
    Steven L.
  • Henry seems very capable. He answered all of my questions before I could even think of them! That's very reassuring.
    Marcia N.